We often get questions about skylights vs roof lanterns for properties and the multiple benefits available whichever you choose. Skylights are ideal for installing in sloped roofs or where a smaller glass window is preferred, whereas a roof lantern is a larger feature which can be implemented into a flat roof. If you’d like a better insight into where these glazing products work well, here are some of the best places to install skylights or a roof lantern in your home.

Merton Windows Best Places to Install Skylights or a Roof Lantern in Your Home 300x218 - Best Places to Install Skylights or a Roof Lantern in Your HomeKitchen & Home Extensions

Whether your extension adds a brand new room or enlarges your existing kitchen, skylights add lots of natural light into the space. These extended areas often become great entertaining spaces, so an attractive roof lantern can create a really welcoming feel, define the area above a dining table and create expansive views of the sky above. It also means you could save some precious wall space where a window would’ve otherwise been installed.

Loft Conversions

When adding extra space to your home, loft conversions are a great idea if you don’t want to build on your garden and the room’s use is appropriate for top floor level. When planning your loft conversion, letting light into the space is a must. Many opt for large floor to ceiling windows, but you could also add some skylights to let more light in from above. Good suppliers will have some flush options available so that headroom isn’t reduced.

Master Bedrooms

If you have a master bedroom at the top of your house, skylights are an amazing idea as it’s the one place in the home where you’ll be looking up to the ceiling for much of your time in the room. Imagine sleeping under a starry sky or relaxing under the clouds. You can also have blinds fitted to skylights to block out the light if you’re a light sleeper.


Homeowners often struggle with ventilation in their bathrooms due to the higher moisture levels, so adding an openable skylight into an en-suite space connected to your loft conversion is a good idea. These are often preferred to side facing windows as they decrease privacy issues when using the bathroom. If you’re worried about reaching the skylight, there are electronic opening mechanisms available.

Orangeries & Conservatories

Orangeries are the ideal spot to plan a roof lantern installation, creating a beautiful area which has a defining feature in its flat roof. Conservatories will often have a glass roof anyway, but sometimes have a lean-to roof which is ideal for skylights. These are the perfect areas of the home to create a greater connection to your outdoor spaces with plenty of glazing to create both stunning views of your garden as well as aerial views from above.

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