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Window designs & frame colour experts - light vs dark shades for your home

Light vs Dark Shades for Your Window Frames

By Double Glazing, Sash Windows

Many people think about changing the colour of their front door, but what about opting for a whole new look when you replace your windows? Different window frame colours can affect the overall appearance of both the interiors and outside of your home. Even if there’s a particular colour you have your heart set on, choosing whether a light or dark shade is best can lead to more questions than answers. If you’re worried about finding a tone which suits your property, read our guide to light vs dark shades for your window frames. Read More

Door design experts - how to ensure your French doors look modern

How to Ensure Your French Doors Look Modern

By French Doors

French doors provide a classic look for your property, and it’s no surprise their appearance is often described as timeless. However, while many homeowners enjoy the beautiful aesthetics, they fear this traditional door design may not match their contemporary interiors. Even if you love more heritage style features such as Georgian bars, woodgrain paints or period colours, there are still a variety of ways you can ensure the doors don’t look out of place in your home. These tips and tricks also apply to any side and top panels you have installed alongside your doors.

Follow our guide to ensure your French doors look modern. Read More

Front door upgrades - Your guide to the best composite front door trends

Composite Front Door Trends for Your Home

By Composite Doors

If upgrading your front door, composite doors are a great choice. Made from a blend of materials, they emulate the look of a pure timber door without the hassle associated with older wooden doors. Their classic look is preferred for anything from character properties and period homes to new builds. But what are some of the trends we’re seeing? Here’s some inspiration for finding the right design for you. Read More

Merton Windows Great Ways to Get More Natural Daylight Into Your Home - Great Ways to Get More Natural Daylight Into Your Home

Great Ways to Get More Natural Daylight Into Your Home

By Double Glazing, uPVC Windows, Windows

One of the most challenging parts about making a home feel comfortable, functional and welcoming is finding ways to make use of the natural daylight on offer. This can be difficult where window space is limited or particular parts of the home are facing shaded spots. However, there are some great tips to follow if you’d like to maximise the natural daylight entering your rooms. Read More

Merton Windows Best Security Features for New Windows Doors - Best Security Features for New Windows & Doors

Best Security Features for New Windows & Doors

By Composite Doors, Security

Home security is one of the most important elements when choosing new windows and doors, whether you’re designing a conservatory or replacing your existing fixtures. As much as you want them to match the style of your home, it’s also crucial they operate easily while being resistant to attempts to enter them forcibly. When deciding on the right products, ask your supplier about the types of security features included and any upgrades available. You can then make the right choice about how to best protect your property. But what are some of the best security features for new windows and doors? Here’s some to think about. Read More

New window guides - how to overcome issues with old sash windows & glazing

How to Overcome Issues with Sash Windows

By Sash Windows

If you’re considering new windows for your property, sash windows are a great option. They’re classic in style, add character and provide solutions for those in heritage properties who want a window design sympathetic to other features within their home. However, many people worry about the problems associated with sash windows. This is especially true for those who have difficulties with their existing sashes and are considering a completely different style when they have them replaced. However, modern products have been designed with this in mind, overcoming many of the issues previously faced. Read More