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Find out more about self-cleaning glass. Discover the Pilkington Glass range. Tackle the daily build-up of dirt on your glazing. Save time & reduce professional cleaning costs. Install in conservatories, skylights & more.

Is Self-Cleaning Glass Worth It?

By Commercial Glazing, Double Glazing

Window cleaning can feel like such a chore or something you don’t want to pay for as often as you are. When installing glazing products such as a beautiful roof lantern or skylights, there is another option which could provide the perfect solution. Self-cleaning glass is something which many property owners are enjoying the benefits of. But is it really worth it when choosing new windows? Here are a few things to help you make up your mind. Read More

Does installing new windows & doors really increase the value of your home? Take a look at the factors involved. Energy efficient windows can help. Enhance your home's curb appeal with quality products. Get free advice.

Do New Windows & Doors Really Add Value to Your Home?

By Double Glazing, uPVC Windows

New windows and doors are a great way to transform the look of your property, as well as creating a warmer, energy efficient home. But could there be another benefit to having them installed in addition to their multiple functional and aesthetical properties? Some say that installing new windows and doors could actually increase the value of your home. But how true is this claim? Here’s everything you need to know. Read More

Window design guides - UPVC vs Aluminium Frames for your property

The Great Debate…UPVC vs Aluminium Frames

By Aluminium Windows, uPVC Windows

There’s so much information available about the benefits of replacing your windows, including improved insulation, energy efficiency and security. However, it can be difficult to know which products to choose. Two of the highest performing materials for new windows are uPVC and aluminium, but property owners often find they’re not sure which is best for them. If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of aluminium and uPVC windows or doors, here are some key points to consider to make your life easier. Read More

Home design guide - enhance the front of your home with new windows & doors

How to Give the Front of Your Home a Makeover

By Composite Doors, Double Glazing, Exterior Doors

As much as you ensure your home looks great on the inside, if the outside of your property is starting to look a little tired, it may be time to think about which features need an uplift. New windows and doors are one of the easiest ways to give the front of your home the overhaul it needs, creating the best impression of your property. But what are some of the best options for you? Read More

Easy Guide to Smart Systems Colour Choices

Easy Guide to Smart Systems Colour Choices

By Bi-folding doors, Sliding Doors

Whether you’re having a new window survey or replacing old fittings with aluminium products such as bifolds or sliding doors, the Smart Systems collection is a popular choice. It’s always a bonus for property owners when they can customise the look and function of the products they select, and when it comes to colour choices, Smarts offers a wide range. These offerings come with a paint guarantee against issues such as peeling, blistering, corrosion and fading thanks to the high quality nature of aluminium coatings.

Here’s our easy guide to navigating your way through Smarts colour palettes. Read More

Best Places to Install Skylights or a Roof Lantern in Your Home

Best Places to Install Skylights or a Roof Lantern in Your Home

By Roof Lanterns

We often get questions about skylights vs roof lanterns for properties and the multiple benefits available whichever you choose. Skylights are ideal for installing in sloped roofs or where a smaller glass window is preferred, whereas a roof lantern is a larger feature which can be implemented into a flat roof. If you’d like a better insight into where these glazing products work well, here are some of the best places to install skylights or a roof lantern in your home. Read More

What are the best ways to create attractive & functional spaces to entertain your guests? Bifolds create enhanced flow between indoors & out. Choose sliding doors for expansive views. Take a look at some great ideas.

Top Ideas for Creating Entertaining Spaces in Your Home

By Bi-folding doors, Conservatories

While it’s important for many homeowners that their property looks good, the functionality of each space is essential to your enjoyment. One of the most popular home improvement ideas is creating great areas in which you can entertain guests and loved ones, from large kitchen diners to beautiful gardens. When choosing new windows and doors for this reason, here are some ideas to consider. Read More

Here are some of the best ways to assess the energy efficiency of windows. Includes looking at your energy bills, comparing energy rating labels & finding out more about the u-values. Speak to a window installer for advice.

How Energy Efficient Are Your Windows?

By Double Glazing, Energy Efficiency

We all know how important it is to have energy efficient windows and doors. Not only is our comfort at stake if our homes suddenly become a lot colder in the Winter, but our heating bills will rise as we try to rectify the issue. We also have a responsibility to look after our planet, so new products must now help homes conserve energy and reduce heat losses through the glazing. Here are some of the top ways to assess the energy efficiency of your existing windows, as well as any new windows you’re considering. Read More