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Easy Guide to Planning Permission for Conservatories

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If you’re thinking about adding a conservatory to your home or upgrading an existing one, there are multiple factors to consider which is why it’s important to involve a professional early on in the process. Decisions such as choosing the right conservatory roof and incorporating your property’s style become easier once you speak to a conservatory specialist who can talk you through your options and assess your spaces.

One of the parts many homeowners worry about is planning permission, fearing their project may get stalled or won’t be permitted. Luckily, we’ve put together a simple guide to help you understand what’s required with planning permission for conservatories. Read More

How can you select the best conservatory roof for your home? If looking to update or install a new conservatory, read our expert guide. Consider the architecture of your property, the size of your home & the room's function.

How to Choose the Right Roof for Your Conservatory

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When planning the installation of a conservatory, it’s important to choose design features which suit the style of your property while providing the functionality and feel you want in your home. As well as secure windows and doors, one of the most important aspects to consider is the right style of roof for your new conservatory. From traditional to Victorian designs, there’s an array of options you can choose.

Here’s our guide to selecting the best conservatory roof for your property. Read More

Conservatory roofing guides - expert advice for using blue glass in roofs

Should you use blue glass in your conservatory roof?

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It’s no secret that conservatories can get quite warm in the summer months. It’s part of their appeal, helping homeowners create a bright, cosy and snug living space where they can curl up with a book, enjoy a leisurely lunch, entertain guests or just look out onto the garden. But, if you’d rather keep the temperature in your conservatory down a little, then blue glass may be the solution for you. Blue glass can be used in your conservatory roof to regulate the temperature and make sure that your space is as comfortable as possible. Read More

What type of conservatory would suit your home?

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Choose the right conservatory for your home

Choose the right conservatory for your home

The benefits of adding a conservatory to your home are almost endless – they fill your home with natural light, add value to your property, give you an additional place to entertain guests and offer the most perfect sun spots for lazy Sunday afternoon naps.

However, if you’re new to the world of conservatories, you might not know what options are available to you. Just like with windows and doors, there isn’t a ‘one fits all’ option – to help you decide what type of conservatory would be best for you and your home, we’ve put together this handy guide, outlining some of the main styles. Read More

Why keeping trickle vents open can reduce condensation on your windows

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Reduce condensation with trickle vents in Surrey

Reduce condensation with trickle vents

Proper ventilation is very important for our health, and current building regulations state new buildings must supply adequate ventilation for occupants. This means trickle vents must be included in any windows that are being installed into a new extension or new-build home, or when replacing windows that previously had trickle vents built in. Trickle vents are very small openings installed in window frames that allow air to flow into a property, thereby helping to reduce condensation. Read More

Why blue glass is best for your conservatory

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When it comes to simple, cost-effective ways to increase space in your home, nothing beats a new conservatory. Done properly, a conservatory should be a light, welcoming space that’s cosy in the winter and comfortable in the summer – rather than a no-go zone for several months of the year.

Offering outstanding solar performance, blue glass is revolutionising conservatories and orangeries, making them much more suited for year-round use. Designed for use in either the glass walls and roof, or just the roof, blue glass works with any style and size of conservatory, and is fast becoming the top choice for homeowners who want maximum comfort and performance. Read More