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Home design guide - enhance the front of your home with new windows & doors

How to Give the Front of Your Home a Makeover

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As much as you ensure your home looks great on the inside, if the outside of your property is starting to look a little tired, it may be time to think about which features need an uplift. New windows and doors are one of the easiest ways to give the front of your home the overhaul it needs, creating the best impression of your property. But what are some of the best options for you? Read More

Here are some of the best ways to assess the energy efficiency of windows. Includes looking at your energy bills, comparing energy rating labels & finding out more about the u-values. Speak to a window installer for advice.

How Energy Efficient Are Your Windows?

By Double Glazing, Energy Efficiency

We all know how important it is to have energy efficient windows and doors. Not only is our comfort at stake if our homes suddenly become a lot colder in the Winter, but our heating bills will rise as we try to rectify the issue. We also have a responsibility to look after our planet, so new products must now help homes conserve energy and reduce heat losses through the glazing. Here are some of the top ways to assess the energy efficiency of your existing windows, as well as any new windows you’re considering. Read More

What do you need to consider when installing new windows & doors? Expert guide covers side windows, bay windows, roof lanterns, skylights & conservation areas. Get expert advice from the Surrey & London specialist now.

The Complete Guide to Planning Permission for New Windows & Doors

By Aluminium Windows, Double Glazing, Residence 9

There’s so much to consider when installing new windows and doors, including their design, what colour frames you’ll choose and the type of glazing that’s right for your property. However, many forget to consider any planning permission implications. That’s why we’ve put together this easy guide to the rules and regulations you need to be aware of. Read More

What types of home do Residence 9 windows look best in? Includes advice for heritage homes, conservation areas, contemporary properties & more. If you live in Surrey or London, ask for a free consultation & quotation.

Which Homes Do Residence 9 Windows Look Best In?

By Double Glazing, Residence 9

One of the most popular rising trends we’ve seen in the window industry is products which can emulate the look of their original counterparts while providing modern functionality for homes. That’s precisely what Residence 9 offer through their collection of beautiful, flush casement windows.

Not content with being energy efficient, secure, insulating and incredibly low maintenance, they also enhance the appearance of a variety of different homes. Wondering if they’ll look good in yours? Here’s everything you need to know about the types of property Residence 9 windows look best in. Read More

Window glazing guides - should you choose triple glazing? | Merton Windows

Should You Choose Triple Glazing?

By Double Glazing, Triple Glazing

It’s often at this time of year (when windows are kept shut and the cold weather hits) that homeowners start to think about whether their glazing is adequate for their property. A question we often get asked here at Merton Windows is whether triple glazing is worth it and what the benefits are. While double glazing is the most suitable choice for many homes, triple glazing is a viable alternative if double glazing doesn’t meet all the functionality requirements you need. Here’s our guide to triple glazing and who should consider having it installed.   Read More

How can you select the best conservatory roof for your home? If looking to update or install a new conservatory, read our expert guide. Consider the architecture of your property, the size of your home & the room's function.

How to Choose the Right Roof for Your Conservatory

By Conservatories, Double Glazing

When planning the installation of a conservatory, it’s important to choose design features which suit the style of your property while providing the functionality and feel you want in your home. As well as secure windows and doors, one of the most important aspects to consider is the right style of roof for your new conservatory. From traditional to Victorian designs, there’s an array of options you can choose.

Here’s our guide to selecting the best conservatory roof for your property. Read More

Kömmerling Windows - What are the most secure windows for your home?

Why Are Our Kömmerling Windows So Secure?

By Double Glazing, Security, uPVC Windows

When looking for the right windows for your home, it’s not just the way they look that’s important. Security is paramount when it comes to selecting the best products for your property, keeping out intruders who could put the safety of your family and possessions at risk.

That’s why we offer an extensive range of Kömmerling windows to homes across Surrey and London, known for their high security features. But why are these products considered some of the best on the market and what protection will they provide to your property? Read More