Bifolding doors come in many attractive styles, but they’re also highly functional. One of the decisions you’ll face when designing your bifolds is their configuration. Find the right solutions while considering how this impacts on the practical elements of the space. Here are some ideas to think about.

Expert tips for choosing your bifolding door configuration. Includes consideration for the number & size of door panels, opening mechanism, shape of the room & connecting with the outdoors. Get free, practical advice now.Number & Size of Door Panels

When looking at how much space you have to play with when it comes to choosing your bifolds, your installation team will produce accurate measurements and let you know some of the options available. If replacing old patio doors, for example, you may have a wide area in which to install the bifolds, and therefore, you can match this with wider door panels. A key point to have in mind is that the more door panels you select, the more sightlines there will be obstructing outside views, so this is something to bear in mind if you’ve previously been used to sliding doors. That’s said, this has to be balanced with the fact that narrower door panels will take up less room when stacked against each other.

Opening Mechanism

How the doors open is also something you can think about when choosing the right configuration for your bifolding doors. This includes where to split the doors if not all panels are moving in one direction. If you’ve opted for six-panel bifolds, for example, you could have the split in the middle with three panels moving to either side of the doorway. You could also decide to have all six panels fold in one direction or one panel used as the primary door with five panels moving in the other direction. An inward or outward opening mechanism is also something which needs to be addressed and will often hinge on how much floor space you have internally or the size of your garden.

Shape of the Room

Not everyone opts for bifolds along one wall as bifolding door panels can be installed around bays and corners. Careful consideration should be taken in smaller properties when thinking about corner bifolds as the way you arrange everything in the room may need to change in order to benefit from the additional access you’ll have available. You’ll also need to look at how this will affect the room being overlooked, especially if you have neighbours close by.

Connecting with the Outdoors

One of the reasons bifolds are so popular is the fact they open up the possibilities for connected indoor and outdoor living. When all the bifolds are folded back, a space such as a conservatory can suddenly feel like an extension of the garden which is lovely in the warmer months. Consider the flow between inside and out when choosing bifold configurations. For those who use their garden daily, incorporating a pane which can be opened and closed as a single unit is often more practical, giving you more choice about when to unfold all the bifolds fully.

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