When considering the functionality of the home, many of us put aspects such as energy efficiency, security and low maintenance features at the top of the priority list, but what about sound insulation? Few property owners want to hear noise from outside coming in, especially if it’s traffic or sounds from other nearby properties. However, there are some changes you can make to ensure your home is as soundproof as it can be.

Property insulation experts - how to improve your home's sound insulation

Replace Old Windows

If you’re continually hearing passing traffic or kids playing outside, you may want to think about the condition of your windows. Old windows are often known for letting in draughts, but they can also struggle to block out noise. If you don’t want to replace your windows, you could look at sealing any leaky frames to add more sound insulation. However, if you’re thinking about installing new windows, speak to a supplier about some of the features their products have. This includes thicker glass to make sound transfer harder or even sound-blocking glazing made from security glass.

Use Textiles & Curtains

The way you dress your windows can also help to keep your home warmer and quieter. Think about hanging thicker curtains, especially if you’re experiencing noise issues at night. This is often a good choice if your property is located on a busy road or in an urban area close to restaurants, bars and pubs. Many people even combine blinds with curtains to give them more flexibility to control everything from light to privacy in their home while having a double layer available to block out external noise. Soft textiles placed around your room can also help, reducing any echoing effects.

Creating Sound Insulation Outside

If you have a front garden, consider how you can reduce noise using thick bushes and tall hedges, plants and shrubs. This is a great way to block out noise beyond the perimeter of your home, especially if you have a busy road in front of your house. It also has the benefit of creating more privacy and adds curb appeal. However, always think about how much natural light you want coming in through ground floor windows, and whether the extra features could affect this.

Consider Triple Glazing

Triple glazed windows are sometimes not considered because double glazing is sufficient for many people. However, if you’re having issues with hearing loud noises outside your home, such as main road traffic, commercial properties, train sounds or even those located on a flight path, triple glazing offers a great solution. You may also like to think about this option if you work from home, and you need a quiet space or office. The extra pane of glass and Argon gas between the glazing sheets form the ideal sound buffer, resulting in a more tranquil environment.

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