Could your home benefit from a porch?

By 18th December 2016 Exterior Doors, Front Doors

Building a porch is a great way to enhance the overall appearance of your property by creating a beautiful entrance to your home. If properly designed in keeping with the original character of your existing property (e.g. with the same brickwork, roofing style, window frames and window size), a porch can make the entire house look bigger and more unique. As well as enhancing your enjoyment of the property, this type of home-improvement work can also add value to your home, should you decide to sell it in the future.

Building a porch

There are many different styles of porch that you can create: some homeowners like to use floor-to-ceiling windows to create a bright, airy entranceway, while some porches are fairly wide, and incorporate brickwork, side windows and a traditional front door. Whether you’re looking for a simple structure or a more elaborate design, a well-built porch should blend effortlessly with the rest of your home, so that you cannot tell it is a new addition. If you have a particularly old cottage or a period property, for example, the building materials should not create an obvious distinction between the old and new parts of the home.

A porch doesn’t just offer aesthetic benefits: it can also significantly improve the performance of your home. Here are just a few of the functional benefits a porch offers.

Extra space

The main benefit of a porch for many homeowners is that it offers extra space within the home – whether that’s for storing shoes, coats and bags, or just for making the house look a bit bigger. It is also a perfect solution for covering up parts of the property that you don’t necessarily want to be on view within your home; for example, a gas or electricity meter.

Added security

A porch essentially creates a second entrance to your home, making it twice as difficult for opportunistic thieves or burglars to break in. By fitting your porch with high-performance windows, strong doors and security locks (as well as safety features like motion-sensor lights), you can be sure your property is as safe as possible.

Increased energy efficiency

Having an extra entrance to your home can also help to retain heat within your living space, enabling you to close the external door before you enter the main building. A porch essentially offers two layers of energy-efficient windows and doors, significantly reducing the possibility of heat escaping your home.

With the rocketing price of property in the UK, porches, extensions and conversions are becoming popular options for many homeowners. Contact us at Merton Windows to find out how we can help you create a beautiful, spacious and energy-efficient porch.