How to Choose the Right Roof for Your Conservatory

When planning the installation of a conservatory, it’s important to choose design features which suit the style of your property while providing the functionality and feel you want in your home. As well as secure windows and doors, one of the most important aspects to consider is the right style of roof for your new conservatory. From traditional to Victorian designs, there’s an array of options you can choose.

Here’s our guide to selecting the best conservatory roof for your property.

How can you select the best conservatory roof for your home? If looking to update or install a new conservatory, read our expert guide. Consider the architecture of your property, the size of your home & the room's function.Match the Period of Your Home

Homeowners often worry about finding a conservatory roof which won’t compromise the historical features and character of their property. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by choosing a style which is in keeping with the architectural period of your home. Therefore, a Victorian style conservatory roof may not be the best option for an Edwardian style house and vice versa. Ask your installation team for more information about the defining features of each design and see if you can match them to your property. It’s a smart idea to take inspiration from your home’s architecture in the initial stages and look for a style which suits its character. Find the right design and it can even enhance the look of the property.

How Big is Your House?

It’s important to look at the size of your home as you want your conservatory to blend in with the rest of your property. The design may appear out of place if it’s too large or small, and if you want to avoid a full planning application being required, the height of the extension should be no more than four metres or the highest part of your property’s roof. This isn’t an issue in most cases, but if you’re in a bungalow, for example, choosing the right conservatory design is essential. Low pitched roofs include lean-to styles which can be easily tailored to awkward spaces. If you’re looking for an expansive conservatory for a large, detached home, take a look at p-shaped designs. These conservatories add a touch of grandeur to a property and can also combine other styles.

Your Conservatory’s Purpose

Each conservatory style isn’t just about its appearance. If the period and size of your home still leave you with several choices, it’s worth exploring the function of each design in relation to how you’ll be using the space. If looking for a sun lounging area, a flat roofed conservatory such as traditional, lean-to or gullwing designs are a great option for your home. Gullwing styles can also run along the full length of a property to create more floor space within the conservatory. If you’re looking for a garden room style where space is limited in your garden, an alternative to Edwardian and Victorian designs is a pavilion conservatory. Its gable end can even feature decorative glass for an additional attractive feature.

Want to design a new conservatory?

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