Window cleaning can feel like such a chore or something you don’t want to pay for as often as you are. When installing glazing products such as a beautiful roof lantern or skylights, there is another option which could provide the perfect solution. Self-cleaning glass is something which many property owners are enjoying the benefits of. But is it really worth it when choosing new windows? Here are a few things to help you make up your mind.

Find out more about self-cleaning glass. Discover the Pilkington Glass range. Tackle the daily build-up of dirt on your glazing. Save time & reduce professional cleaning costs. Install in conservatories, skylights & more.What Is Self-Cleaning Glass?

It may seem obvious, but self-cleaning glass is just that…glass which cleans itself! It’s actually made of glazing you’d find in other windows around your property, but it has one key difference. Self-cleaning glass also has a special film coating its outer layers. Not only does this film stop the usual grime, dirt and airborne particles building up on the surface but it has a consistency which helps it to stay clean.

How Does Self-Cleaning Glass Work?

There are a couple of different types of self-cleaning glass, but one of the best available is by Pilkington Glass. While they have an extremely wide range of glazing options available, their Pilkington ActivTM glass is one of their most innovative products. It has a coating which activates when placed in UV light, breaking down organic dirt on the windows. While it doesn’t totally disappear at this point, this occurs when rainwater lands on the glass, washing away the broken down particles. In fact, the type of film used even causes rain to spread out evenly across the glass like a sheet of water to achieve a wide-reaching clean.

Is It Worth It?

Whether self-cleaning glass is worth it for you is a personal choice. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not going to get rid of heavily built-up dirt such as bird droppings, and the frames aren’t self-cleaning. However, it will tackle daily grime build-up in a noticeable way. This means where you would usually see your windows slowly get dirtier from the moment they were cleaned, the self-cleaning glass keeps them looking streak-free and glistening. If you need to wash off a stubborn mark on the glazing, be careful not to scratch the coating, using water and a non-abrasive cleaning tool such as a soft sponge or cloth.

Where Can You Install Self-Cleaning Glass?

Many people choose to install self-cleaning glass when they replace their windows, and it can be used anywhere where a glazing product is fitted. However, one of the most popular places to install this type of glass is in those hard to reach areas which don’t get cleaned as often. This includes glass conservatory roofs or roof lanterns in new home extensions. This can help to reduce the costs spent on professional window cleaning around your property while saving you a lot of time. Not only that, but it comes with all the other benefits you’d expect in a good window product, including thermal insulation and noise control.

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