Which Homes Do Residence 9 Windows Look Best In?

By 21st December 2018 Double Glazing, Residence 9

One of the most popular rising trends we’ve seen in the window industry is products which can emulate the look of their original counterparts while providing modern functionality for homes. That’s precisely what Residence 9 offer through their collection of beautiful, flush casement windows.

Not content with being energy efficient, secure, insulating and incredibly low maintenance, they also enhance the appearance of a variety of different homes. Wondering if they’ll look good in yours? Here’s everything you need to know about the types of property Residence 9 windows look best in.

What types of home do Residence 9 windows look best in? Includes advice for heritage homes, conservation areas, contemporary properties & more. If you live in Surrey or London, ask for a free consultation & quotation.Homes…with Heritage Features

The beauty of Residence 9 windows has been achieved by designing them in accordance with historical guidelines, giving homes with heritage features the ideal solution when choosing new windows. The Residence Collection has developed this range to replicate the look of 19th-century timber windows, and you can even select some of the features you want for the designs. This includes Georgian bars, fluted corner posts, drip bars and butt hinges, giving you more control over the details which will fit in perfectly with your property’s architecture.

Homes…that Need Some Character

Contemporary homes are lovely and modern, but sometimes their owners want to add some character to the property. Residence 9 windows are perfect for this, adding an element of period living that blends in easily with new architecture. Their beautiful appearance offers kerbside appeal for your home too, adding some flair and personality.

Homes…in Conservation Areas

One of the most useful parts about Residence 9 windows is the fact that they’re ideal for installing in period homes in conservation areas which often come under much stricter building regulations when replacing any windows. The design brief for the collection aimed to extract some of the key principles from Article 4 Conservation Area guidelines, including their shape and dimensions. By preserving traditional details, Residence 9 products are loved by planners and homeowners in conservation areas.

Homes…of Any Size or Style

From small country cottages to large townhouses, Residence 9 windows have the ability to fit in with your home, whatever the size or style of property you own. The trick to ensuring they look as good as possible is to customise the design by selecting the shade, finish and hardware of your choosing. Their colour palette comes in a wide range of options, including Grained White, Cotswold Green and English Oak. You can even opt for dual colours for a different shade inside and out.

Want to See Residence 9 Window Designs?

Here at Merton Windows, we supply and install products to suit a range of properties across London and Surrey. So, whether you’re living in a new build in Cheam or a period home in Worcester Park, our specialist windows and doors team can talk you through the products which suit your requirements. This includes the coveted Residence 9 collection of windows. Get in touch now to arrange a free, no obligation consultation and quotation.