One of the hardest parts when deciding to replace your back doors or patio doors with modern, attractive sliding door systems is choosing the right manufacturer for your requirements. Two of the best brands in the industry are UK manufacturer Smart Systems and Schuco, who provide premium, German-engineered designs. A good way to decide is to think about the look and functionality you want, selecting the features which are most important to you. Here are a few of the factors to consider.

We take a look at Schuco vs Smart Systems. Which is the right sliding door brand for your requirements? Includes expert advice for affordability, configurations, energy efficiency, security, colours, maintenance & more.Affordability

There’s no getting away from budget, so it’s important to go into the process prepared. It’s not always about opting for the cheapest product, but about finding windows and doors which are perfect for your needs. Schuco is a premium brand, famous across the world for their quality. Smarts are one of the UK’s top manufacturers and offer a quality product which isn’t as high-end, but you may not get as much choice. Ask your supplier for a free, no obligation quote for a better idea about the costs involved, and they’ll also talk you through the ranges on offer.

Configurations & Sizes

Sliding doors are ideal to install in wider spaces, leaving room for one or multiple panels to slide along double or triple tracks. The configurations possible with Smarts sliding doors depends on the range you select. The same goes for sizes which fall between 2.1 and 2.5 metres in terms of maximum height. Schuco sliding doors are some of the largest on the market, so if you’re looking for a product which is up to 3m wide and tall, this is the brand for you.

Energy Efficiency, Security & Maintenance

These three factors are all near the top of the wish list for most homeowners, and luckily, both brands deliver. Both have robust locking systems and thermally efficient glazing, although Schuco offers lower u-values which means they’re more insulating. As both manufacturers use high-strength aluminium for their products, you won’t have to worry about upkeep. They won’t rot, fade in colour or crack, and you can just wipe clean to leave them looking spotless.


Most homeowners choose manual opening which is so easy with both these brands thanks to their smooth-glide operation. However, for those looking for electronic options, Schuco also offers an e-slide drive automated system which gives you remote control over how you open, close and lock the doors.


Both manufacturers have a broad range of colour choices with Schuco frames coming in over 150 RAL colours to find the perfect look. Smarts have their own colours, including traditional and contemporary palettes. They also offer a Sensations range for unique, tactile effects and an Alchemy range which combines the best of anodised and powder coated finishes.

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