When searching for the right patio door designs, there are a variety of options for homeowners, including sliding doors, bifolds and French doors. If you’re considering new back doors, a great place to start is to think about the features you want, helping to narrow down the types of products suitable for your needs. Back doors are different from front doors because they often open up into a private area such as a garden, so views and natural light may take priority over privacy, for example.

Here are some of the most desirable back door features.

Expert guide to help you choose your new back doors. We look at features such as views, natural light, access, space saving, attractive styles, low maintenance & security. Wide range of back doors & patio doors available.Large Glazing for Views & Light

If you want to achieve expansive views and let maximum natural light into your spaces, look for back doors which have the biggest surface area of glass available. If you have a large opening space, aluminium sliding doors are a great option for their ability to create an uninterrupted, glass wall effect in your home. Always choose glazing which has a low u-value, ensuring your property remains as energy efficient as possible.


If you love spending time in your garden, flow between inside and out is important to consider. Bifolds can open up the entrance entirely with each door panel folding onto the other, so nothing is left in the door space. You don’t have to open the doors fully, so you’ll have flexibility to control airflow and access.

Space Saving

Most homeowners want to ensure their doors don’t add a ‘bulky’ feature to the back of their property or take up a lot of room when open. If choosing bifolding doors, but don’t want them to take up a lot of space, you could ask for narrower door panels or an outward opening configuration. Sliding doors remain within the door track, so won’t take up a lot of space, especially if choosing narrow frames as with aluminium products.


Every entry point into your home could be a target for intruders, so your back door is no different. With garden security often a hot topic during the warmer months, it’s important that you don’t give opportunistic thieves more chances to succeed. Make sure that any products have high security features, including multi-locking systems, robust hinges and barrel locks, as well as being fully reinforced.

Attractive Style

Whether looking for traditional or contemporary designs, most homeowners want a range of attractive options to match the style of their property. Ensure you find a collection of back doors which allow you to customise elements such as their colour, hardware and finishing effects. French doors are one of the most classic looking options, but you can find an array of styles available.

Low Maintenance

If your patio doors are something you frequently use, ease of use is a must. Look for a product which emphasises smooth opening and quality. The frames you choose should also be made from a low maintenance material such as uPVC or aluminium which just need to be wiped clean to keep them looking as good as new – no repainting or sanding required.

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