We often think of new windows as having shiny and new clear glass panes, but there are many different styles you can select. One of the ways you can customise your windows is through its glazing with many home and business owners opting for textured glass, often in a specific room. Here are the top 5 reasons for choosing these interesting designs.

Window design guides: Reasons to install textured glass around your home1.      Privacy

One of the main reasons for choosing textured glass in a property is for privacy, and this could be for external windows or even internal glazing. For example, many select obscure glazing for bathrooms and toilets, giving people peace of mind their privacy is protected. Internally, they can be used for anything from shower screens and cupboards to interior doors between rooms. Internal textured glazing is often used in commercial properties for meeting rooms, private offices, examination rooms or as a divider between areas in an open plan office.

2.      Light

One of the benefits of using textured glass is that it provides privacy without blocking out all of the natural sunlight coming through the window. It’s always important to find the balance between privacy and light, so you’ll find glazing comes with varying privacy levels. One of the key areas to make this choice is at your front door, porch and side panels where you want to stop anyone seeing directly into your home but also desire a bright and welcoming hallway.

3.      Colours

It’s not just clear textured glazing available but coloured glass too. This not only lets in natural light but creates a colourful effect which can enhance your interiors. This is popular for fanlight windows. These are the smaller windows which are rectangular or semicircle in shape, located over a door or other larger windows. It’s also a chance to experiment with bespoke patterns, giving you a beautiful design that’s unique to your property.

4.      Aesthetics

While textured glass can provide functionality, another reason to install it is for the aesthetics. Manufacturers such as Pilkington Glass, for example, are exceptionally stylish, with many decorative options available. This includes etched glass which is patterned with anything from trees and leaves to lines or circles.

5.      Planning Laws

When thinking about planning permission for new windows and doors, there are times when you may need to install obscure glazing. This usually applies in upper floor side elevations, as well as new skylights or roof lights in side elevation roof slopes. Most new windows and roof lanterns won’t need planning permission, but you must still adhere to planning rules in place.

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