What Are the Best Patio Door Designs?

A patio door doesn’t just provide an access point to your garden and outdoor spaces, but is a great feature for your home. From creating a beautiful look which defines the room to adding functionality for practical living, the style of door is pivotal for making the best use of the space. If you’re thinking about replacing your patio door, here are some of the best designs on offer.

What are the best patio door designs? Take a look at the benefits of bifolds, sliding doors & French doors. Install new patio doors which are functional & attractive. Chat to an expert now about replacement patio doors.Sliding Doors

The most traditional design for patios doors is usually sliding doors. However, far from being an outdated option, modern designs look incredibly stylish and hold some of the largest panes of glass on the market. Sliding doors can fit larger openings with all sizing tailored to your spaces, but alternative designs may be more suitable if the area is narrower. The popularity of sliding doors is down to their ease of use and the views they deliver. With such large glazing elements available, you can create a ‘wall of glass’ effect, producing uninterrupted views of your outdoor spaces – perfect if you have a beautiful garden or spend a lot of time in the room where the patio doors will be installed.

French Doors

A classic design for patio doors is outwardly (or inwardly) opening French doors which come in an array of elegant styles. You can control the airflow coming in by using one or both of the doors, opening fully if you want to bring more of the outside in. You can customise French doors with a range of features, including Georgian bars and patterned glazing to create an attractive look. French doors are suitable for narrow openings, whereas sliding doors and bifolds often span across larger widths. You also should consider that you’ll need enough space for the doors to open. French doors may not be suitable if the floor area is limited both inside and out such as in a flat where the doors lead onto a balcony.


If looking for a patio door design which offers functionality in bucketloads, bifolding doors are worth considering. Bifolds are made from a number of door panels which fold completely back in a concertina fashion to achieve maximum access. It’s easy to create the practical space you require by selecting a configuration of your choosing. This includes the number of door panels, the width of each face and inward or outward opening mechanisms. You can also decide whether you want the bifolds to stack to one side of the door or split to fold out in both directions. Bifolding door designs are a great option if looking to make full use of the opening or you want flush thresholds for a seamless flow between inside and out.

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