You should have seen new windows and doors with a ‘PAS 24’ certified rating for their security in order to comply with building regulations Document Q. This is the enhanced security performance which is required for new windows and door sets installed into UK dwellings and other buildings exposed to the same type of risks such as commercial properties. PAS 24 testing involves a rigorous set of assessments which need to be passed in order to confirm the products are secure enough for use. But what does this testing involve?

What's required to ensure windows & doors are PAS 24 security certified? Expert insight into laboratory testing, manual attacks, impacts tests & mechanical load assessments on the locks. Find secure windows & doors now.When & Where Do PAS 24 Tests Happen?

Whether it’s new windows, a replacement porch door or a bifolding door set, manufacturers are required to have their products assessed under test laboratory conditions. This must be the entire system, not individual components such as the handle or locks. It ensures each feature works in practice once installed as part of the complete window and door system. The products must pass a series of tests which will evaluate their ability to withstand attacks, confirming their resistance against possible intruders. A good manufacturer will work closely with the independent organisations who assess their windows and doors, making sure their products are tested and passed at the various stages of production. This ensures security is considered at every single manufacturing stage, creating higher quality systems.

What Testing Takes Place?

There’s a robust set of criteria which products must meet to become officially PAS 24 certified. The first tests they have to pass includes manual attacks to the hardware of the door such as the locking cylinders which are often vulnerable to attack. The assessors will manually attack this part of door with tools to see how it responds. They’ll also apply heavy mechanical loads to the locking points which must hold for a specific time without successful access being achieved. Impacts tests to attempt entry will also be carried out, including soft and hard body impacts, the latter of which may consist of a metal impactor being swung at various features of the windows and doors.

Comparing Products

All new windows and doors must comply with PAS 24, so how do you know which ones are more secure? Here’s where using an expert window and door supplier comes in, helping you to understand any other enhanced security features available on products you’re interested in for your home or business. This could include anything from multi-point locks to steel reinforcements. It’s important to discuss your needs with your supplier so that they can identify a product which gives you the right level of security for your requirements.

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