Why Is Pilkington Glass Industry Leading?

Here at Merton Windows, we understand how important quality and security are for property owners when selecting new windows and doors. We choose our industry leading products very carefully, ensuring they meet or surpass British Standards. One of the features we highly recommend is products that incorporate Pilkington Glass.

Why are Pilkington Glass the UK's leading glass supplier? Find out more about its use in residential & commercial windows & doors, rigorous testing, textured glass options & energy efficient glazing. Get a free consultation.Leading Glass Supplier

Operating all over the world as part of the NSG Group, Pilkington Glass is one of the most well-known names in the glazing industry. In the UK, they’re one of the leading suppliers of high quality glass, providing a variety of solutions for top manufacturers. One of their main uses is the glass we see used in both residential and commercial windows and doors. Not only do they comply with all British Standards but meet all requirements outlined by Building Regulations for the type of building in which the glass is being installed. Pilkington Glass achieves such standards by implementing a combination of high performance designs with rigorous testing processes, pushing their glazing to its limits. Their tests include examining each product’s fire resistance, wind resistance and impact testing.

Range of Glass

One of the best parts about using Pilkington Glass is the range of glazing products they produce. This includes their innovative self-cleaning glass which has a coating activated by UV light, breaking down organic dirt on the glazing which is then washed away easily by rainwater. They also produce a vast array of decorative glass, including textured glazing. This means you can select attractive glazing for windows and doors which creates the look you want but also provides a privacy level of your choice to suit your needs. Textured glass is a popular option when designing a new front door, for example. They also offer acoustic glass options for those looking for exceptional sound insulation in their property.

Energy Efficient Glazing

Pilkington Glass is committed to ensuring its glazing creates energy efficient homes and reduces their carbon footprint. In fact, their ever-popular Pilkington K glass is the UK’s leading thermal glass brand. It’s even incorporated into some of their other products such as their energiKare range. The innovative coating reflects heat back into a room rather than being transferred outside, as well as increasing passive solar gain by letting in heat from the sun. These low-emissivity (low-E) products achieve A and A+ rated windows and doors to help lower a home’s energy bills and become more thermally efficient.

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Looking for the best windows and doors on the market? Here at Merton Windows, we supply and install an extensive collection of high quality windows and doors to homes and businesses across London and Surrey in locations such as Southfields, Tooting and Streatham. Our products include those which incorporate Pilkington Glass. We operate a ‘no hard sell’ policy, meaning you can discuss your options with our window and door experts without feeling pressure to commit, taking the time to talk through products which suit your needs. To arrange your free consultation and quotation, call now on 020 8542 2233.