After choosing new windows and doors, many people want to get their order in place so that they know the installation won’t be far away. However, an important step in the process before that happens is the site survey. But what actually happens during this process and why is the survey so important for successful outcomes?

What happens during a new windows & doors survey? Find out how to achieve high-quality outcomes. Includes confirming exact sizing, bespoke specifications & risk assessment findings. Arrange a free, no obligation consultation.Fail to Prepare…

…Prepare to fail. This is certainly true when it comes to the installation of new windows and doors. High-quality workmanship relies on working with products which are the right size, work well in the space provided and can be installed easily within an agreed timeframe. During the survey, a good company will re-measure all the install sites. While this usually doesn’t affect your initial quote, it’s important for them to confirm the exact sizing before any products are ordered.

Smoother Installations

Window and door installers work at many different sites, including domestic and commercial properties. One day they could be fitting textured glass in an office, and the next, they’re installing a large sliding door system at a house. It’s important for a qualified surveyor to risk assess any areas their team will be working in. They’ll identify whether additional safety measures are required such as scaffolding and any issues with access to the installation site. If access is going to be challenging, it gives them enough notice to put a better plan in place. For example, they may decide to construct certain parts once they’ve been carried through the property in smaller loads, or deliver products out of hours when they can get closer to the site.

Confirming Bespoke Designs

Long gone are the days when you had a limited range of standard windows and doors to choose from. Now, products are made to order, helping you find the right size, colours, hardware, glazing and configurations to ensure your home is both attractive and functional. Expert companies will visit your property before your survey, narrowing down their collections to designs which meet your needs. For example, perhaps you’d been looking at sliding doors, but actually, bifolds would be better suited to the space. Or maybe you have old sash windows, but you’re hoping to find a heritage style window that’s in keeping with the rest of your property. While you may have identified the perfect products, at your survey, your choices will be confirmed with you so that everything will be ordered correctly. This gives you peace of mind that your new windows and doors will be as you expect.

Find the Right Windows & Doors for Your Home

Before you get to the survey part of the process, the first step is to take a look at some of the collections available and book a consultation with an expert team who will find out more about your requirements. Here at Merton Windows, we have an extensive range of products. We work across London and Surrey, including Wimbledon, Worcester Park and Vauxhall. Contact us now to arrange your free, no obligation consultation and quote.