sash / saʃ / (noun)  A window with one or two sashes which can be slid vertically to make an opening.

The never-ending class of the sash style window

Undoubtedly one of the most distinguished and structurally advanced types of window today is the sash. Hitting new levels of popularity in the Victorian era, this style has done nothing but grow in demand since. It’s no surprise, then, that sash windows are amongst the most requested glazing styles for customers of Merton Windows.

What would sash windows add to my home or office?

Grand, bold, and with optimum opening space for ventilation, sash windows are a credit to the glazing trade. They exude an air of sophistication and class, highlighting the character of their building, and often transforming the blandest of window-spaces into the epitome of historic elegance.

When asking our customers why they opted for sash windows, the general response was that people were happy with the flexibility of having an authentic, and seemingly traditional style of window, which also offered modern-day materials and technological advancement.

Why choose Merton Windows for my sash windows?

Here at Merton Windows, we pride ourselves on offering the highest standards of expertise when it comes to constructing and fitting sash style windows for your home or office.

The team is highly advanced in their trade, having worked on some of the most well preserved Victorian homes in South London. We’ve fitted sash windows in areas such as Clapham and Mitcham – places that are rich in history, with communities that value the charm of traditional architecture.

What can I expect from Merton Windows?

  • A fantastic range of design options and building materials (such as reinforced uPVC, aluminum and timber).
  • Slick fittings that are easy to open and close with a smooth, non-jam structure.
  • Maximum control over your ventilation needs, with the use of adjustable restrictors and limit stops.
  • Bolted locks for added security.
  • The option of opening your window inwards to assist with cleaning demands.
  • High-end sealed units (28mm) – the thickest density available, enhancing the robustness of your window, and assisting with energy efficiency.
  • A dedicated and expert service, with attention to your specific needs and requirements at a fair, competitive cost.

Sash windows fit the ideal mould for practicality, design, security and endurance. If you want to add unrivalled period charm to your home/office, but don’t want to compromise on functionality, contact us today for a complimentary quote.