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Timber windows in a variety of styles

Occasionally taking a backseat to some of the glazing market’s flashier offerings, timber windows have in fact come a long way since they were first envisioned. They make a sensible choice for many property owners, due to their traditional style and innate elegance. So it’s time to overturn what you thought you knew about timber frames, and give them some serious consideration for your next glazing upgrade…

It’s time to consider timber… here’s why:

  1. Timber window frames are innately durable when properly looked after.
  2. Wooden frames create a sense of natural, subtle elegance for your interiors and exteriors.
  3. Timber windows are an ideal choice for period properties, where the aim is to respect the historic fabric of a building.
  4. Timber windows can also complement more modern homes and commercial properties.
  5. Timber windows come in a variety of styles, colours and finishes, meaning you can really tailor-make your glazing upgrade to suit your specific preferences.
  6. Timber window frames are an environmentally friendly option.

A word on timber windows’ aesthetics

Whilst it’s true that timber windows are not as low maintenance as certain other glazing products, such as uPVC double glazing or aluminium frames, there’s no disputing that where they really shine is in the looks department. A deep mahogany or oak frame is hard to beat when juxtaposed with more traditional property features and period detailing. But remember, they’re not all beauty and no brains, as timber window options are much evolved since their first creation. Aiding thermal and energy efficiency in your property, timber windows are also innately durable, withstanding extreme weather conditions and keeping intruders out.

You care about the look and efficiency of your home. Our past customers did too – that’s why they chose our beautifully crafted timber windows…

“A brilliant job. You have transformed our home.”

Customer from Kingston upon Thames

“Amazed by the quality of the work, and the speed!”

Customer from London

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