Triple Glazed

A+ triple glazed windows installed in Surrey and London

Double glazing has long been heralded as a must for any discerning property owner, due to its raft of accompanying practical benefits. But today, more and more people are turning to triple glazing, as a way of maximising the role that their glazing products play throughout their home or office.

Double glazing versus triple glazing

At Merton Windows, we often advise many property owners that double glazing is a sufficient option for their needs. However, there are of course occasions in which triple glazing will be a more sensible decision. Where triple glazing really stands out is in targeting noise. If your home or office is located by a busy road or under a flight path, the triple-paned glazing system will be far more effective in mitigating against unwelcome sounds being heard in your building.

The science of the triple-paned glazing system

The reason that triple glazing is so effective at counteracting the effects of excess noise is, quite simply, that there’s an extra pane of glass that creates a sound buffer. What’s more, Argon gas between the three sheets of glass helps to absorb vibrations that travel through the air, creating much more tranquil living and working spaces – perfect for a sounder night’s sleep, or increased working productivity.

But remember, triple glazed windows also give property owners all the same benefits of their conventional double-paned cousins, including:

  • Better energy efficiency
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Higher security levels
  • Increased property value
  • Minimised energy bills
  • Reduced condensation

So, want to know what our customers think of our triple glazing service?

We’re pleased to say… our customers are pleased with us! Here’s what three of them said:

  • I found them to be professional, competent and very efficient. They did the whole job in a day, and the installation was excellent.” – Customer from Surbiton
  • The quality of the work is second to none.” – Customer from Worcester Park
  • The service is first-class – worked non-stop all day to complete the work.” – Customer from London

Triple glazing from a professional glazing team… call Merton Windows today

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